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Salesmanship is an ability that we all have and we only need to unlock it for inside us. We have the ability to communicate our thoughts and beliefs through the proper use of salesmanship.

Henry Ford used salesmanship to launch an idea that we all use every day in todays world. He started with an idea that the people of the time had not even thought of. The automobile and he sold it to the people as an a way to gain personal freedom and mobility. Until the car you either used a horse and buggy or you took a train.

He was a man with vision. He saw a need for something and presented it to people in a way that it filled that need. He had to sell his idea and I would say that he was successful in his work.

A lot of company’s use varies ways to figure out what their customers want and need. They take surveys and ask them how may we serve you better. This idea at first just wasn’t going to work for Ford He in his own words said “if I had ask the people what they wanted they would have asked for a faster horse”. When you are an innovator of new technology you must have the ability to sell an idea and let the people decide if it is something that they need.

You must start with a purpose. Does your idea or product fill the need of what your customer wants or needs. The customer may not ever know that they need what you have for them some you may nave to sale them on the idea.

When selling something that is still only an idea you must get them to feel they want it. You must believe in the idea yourself and feel like it is the answer to their problem.

It is important to ask questions about “have” like have you ever… and “want” wouldn’t you want… You must listen and repeat what you near so they know that you are paying attention and that you do care about what they are saying. This builds trust. Relate your idea or product around how they feel and what they want. Not how you feel and what you want. If you are trying to sell someone something and all you can think of is the money that you need it will come off as desperate and this will develop distrust and they probably will not buy your idea or product.

You let your customer close the deal when he sees it is a bargain to him and he believes that the product or idea will fill his need.

The trust can greatly be maintained by following up with the customer after the sale. Just make sure that they are happy and ask them if there is anything else you might be able to do for them. This can lead to lots of return and referral business.

If you would like to discover the salesman in you check out the link that I have provided.

I will be in contact with you soon if you just leave a phone number and email address in the following link.


I hope to be talking with you soon,


Henry Ford


I believe that we all can change, if we want to! We can strive to make a difference in the world.

We can feel like there is no hope at times. That we are meant to struggle with our lot in life. I can relate to that feeling. There was a time in my life that I worried about people being critical about me and always worried about what they were thinking. I was stressed out all of the time and never really new what end of the stick I was going to pick up. I was so indecisive that I could never really get anything done. It felt like “i was damed if I do and damed if I don’t.” this is one of my old sayings.

A while back I worked in a very demanding job as a heating technician. It took a lot of my time and it took a toll on my marriage and family life. I could never find the time to do much with family because I was always working. Then when I would find time to do things with my family I was always concerned with my work like “ We can’t stay long because I don’t know when someone might call and need service.” It almost always happened to you know Murphy’s Law.

So I started looking for a better way to live. And for me meant that I would have to find a better way to make money. After a couple of years of searching I finally found Carbon Copy Pro. They put things in a way that just made sense to me that if I if I could change the way that I see thing I could change my way of being. This meant that I was going to have to start from within to make any lasting change. This change turns out to be the easiest and most difficult thing I have ever done. You see there is no quick fix just as you start to under stand there is always something else to learn next. But the effort is worth it every day I find something new that inspires me to keep going.

I have made that change for the better of my life and am growing as a leader within myself every day. Me and my wife are happier then we have ever been and we are discovering that our relationship is growing every day and keeps getting stronger all the time.

I would like to invite you to see if this change could make a difference in your life. All that you have to do is check out the web site that I have provided. This is not for everyone so please take your time. You must be self motivated and willing to be responsible for your own results. I only want you to follow through with this if it feels right to you. If your not ready that is OK and I won’t be disappointed.

If you choose to take part in this opportunity then I will call back within 24 hours to answer your questions and help in anyway possible.

I hope to talk with you soon!


Thanks for your time.


James Merritt


It has was since some time in March when my dog broke the window in the living room trying to get the mail man, and here it is in July almost August that I finally take the time to fix it. It really wasn’t the cost of the window altho I wouldn’t want to pay for it every day. I just don’t want to keep fixing the window and my mailman has a habit now of sneaking up to the porch and drops off the mail. That is great, but as he leaves and the dog hasn’t even noticed him he decides to give out a shout “MAIL!!”. You can imagine what the dog does next. It makes me wonder who is going to win this game him or the dog.

I’ve been waiting to catch him and mention that I would appreciate it if he would not yell as he drops off the mail. I know that the dogs are my responsibility but they only try to keep me and my wife safe and I am not usually present when he does this. I think the old battle between the mail man and the dog is brought on by his behavior he can just drop the mail off and not scream and the dogs would know nothing of it (most days).

I only mention this because it just seems to me like some people in the world love to antagonize there situations just to get a rise out of it. I am not even sure that he see’s it that way. I wish that people would use some common sense and not be so vindictive when they know that a problem exist.

This is just my thoughts on a subject all started from a broken window. Not that the window matters much I just don’t want to see my dog take a bite out of the mail man some day when I am not around or not really noticing that he is dripping off the mail.


Did you know that it has been proven that your income is based on the 10 closest people you associate with on a regular bases. The choices you make in your friends is directly related to how much money you will make. Everybody has a financial thermostat set at a certain level your circle of friends is directly related to the setting.

So how do we go about resetting the level of the thermostat? Well we need to make better choices in our friends and associates. There is a reason that the rich tend to hang out in private clubs or groups. They are protecting and nourishing there mindset. Like minded people tend to hang out with others that tend to think alike. Now this does not mean that they can’t show compassion toward people of lesser means. Most or them can relate they came from a similar back ground. They have managed however to start to think in a different way and to work more efficiently. Napoleon Hill said to do the things that do not work and bring result again and again, is insane.

The best way to help people who are struggling is not to be one of them. Then it helps to in bark on a personal mission. Something that will keep you honest and find the people that can keep you accountable to your mission. You must then take action to achieve any goal you set. Your thermostat can be reset and you can live the life that you have only dreamed of but only your can be held accountable.

If your are looking for an opportunity to sussed in you life and reset your financial thermostat then I invite you the check out the link that I have left below.

Thank you for your time and reading this. I hope that I see you soon.


All the best,

James Merritt


I just want to talk to you about making money from home

You will need to follow some basic steps to get results.

1 you will need a mentor to help you.

I found that by finding a mentor who already has the success in the business is key to getting you motivated. This way you can follow a leader. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

2 Get involved in a community of like minded individuals.

3 You will need a system to follow.

It is vital to get the proper education and training to achieve your goals.

4 Take action!

You will never get your goals accomplished unless you start to do money making activities every day.

Not just reading and learning how to make money.

But you will have to take action and apply what you learn.

These are the secrets that have helped me.

I use to work a regular job and taking action and following these steps has allowed me to take ownership or my actions. No more excuses from me that I don’t have the life that I want and deserve.

I would like to help you to find the life that you deserve and desire. Lets find your passion for life.

To check out this great opportunity just follow the link below that I have provided.

I hope to be seeing you soon.


Thanks for taking the time to check this out.


James Merritt


This is my story and a look at why I do what I do.

I am a married man living in upstate New York. I worked in the home heating business for 15 years. I worked very hard at it. It actually took most of my days, nights, and weekends. I was married for 3 years and we had split up. I was working a lot and I didn’t like were my life was herding . So it made me look at what I was and wasn’t doing to be facing a possible divorcé. I would ignore my wife and justifying it with my job. The job was working me not me working my job. I needed a change i my life if I wanted to fix my marriage. I actually got out of heating and started working for a local museum and found that I loved the work and being around the people but they didn’t pa very much. I had cut my income by 3/4 and it hurt me and my wife when it came to the freedom and choices we had. I was a long time since we went out and did anything. So now I had the time but no money to do much. My wife and I were happy to spend time together but we were suffering in financial matters.

Napoleon Hill said doing to same thing over and over that does not work is insane. This taught me that I have the power to change my life. I found Carbon Copy Pro.  And they provided the solutions to my problems. The power was in me to change. I am the only one that I can blame for my situation. It doesn’t matter what level of education I have it was a less traditional education I needed. All I need to do is work on myself change my beliefs and change will happen.

I fired my boss and started to live life by my own design. I live my life by m own design now and I take action every day.

I want to ask you can you take charge of your life and make the changes that I can help you achieve. If you feel like you can please feel free to click on the site below.

I hope to see you on the other side.


Successfully ,

James Merritt


Don’t you find life amazing. We are all gifted with every thing we need in this world. Every one on the planet has the ability to change if they with.

Take any belief we have and it can be changed just by deciding to do so. Humans are the only creatures on earth that have this ability.

Take a person who is angry all the time and convince him that he has a choice wether or not to change and it can be powerful.

I know I used to be an angry man. I would get angry at the things that the people around me would say. I thought that It was someone else’s fault for the problems that I had.

I discovered one day that I had the power to choose my mood no one put that mood there and blaming or finding fault in others did not make it better. In fact it actually made things worse.

My life seemed miserable and bleak. Then as I explained it wasn’t so bad. What I am saying is we have to look at the good in our lives and not focus on the bad. Bad things will happen but

control comes from how we deal with the good and the bad. Focusing on bad things gives them energy an they can take some control.

I am no expert on such matters this is just how I found things to be. I do know that our beliefs are what make up our reality.

Good habit or bad habits both bring results.

Just my point of view.

Best wishes,

James Merritt


Lead capture it is what all the businesses out there want to do.

The question is HOW?

The successful marketers will all tell you copy writing is the key to there success. I mean even if you want to advertise on Google you will need to write compelling copy if you want to capture your leads.

 The ability to tell a compelling story will help. Look at the leaders of the industry and follow them take some advice by reading what they write. Start reading and taking coerces on copy writing. Look at other advertising, if someone’s copy catches your eye study it and figure out why.

Also I suggest some reading on mindset, story’s you like and news.

Apply what you learn from them and start to write.

Once you have wrote a story or a how to articles you will need to publish it. Starting a blog is a good beginning.

You will want to get your blog noticed. So connect it to a social media site and let your followers now that you are publishing content you would like them to view.

Do not get pushy this will only make you look desperate and the odds are people will not follow you. Leaders always inspire and let people make up there own minds.

Just get your writing out there on the web and keep doing it.

I promise it will get better with time.

Practice makes perfect.

I suggest Mike Dillard’s, Copy Writing Guild for a start.

This has really helped me to start writing in a more organized fashion.


I know you will find this to be helpful and informative!

Wishing you the best,

James Merritt


I live in a small town in upstate New York with my wife and two dogs.

  I have always been a go getter according to my wife and that always made me proud. But we were always living pay check to pay check and never finding much time to do the things that we loved. Our jobs were always demanding and I always lived my life by the motto that time is money. But I way always was looking for more time with my wife. Life is too short to not enjoy it.

 This rut I felt like I was in led me on a search for answers and it made me realize that time is time and money is money. So I started online marketing and fired my boss. Let me tell you that was the most liberating experience of my life. Now I can travel some more do to the time that I have and my business is free to come with me were ever I go.

 All of this started when I found Carbon Copy Pro and the leaders I found there have inspired me to take action in my life. I now am living life by my own design and my wife and I have never been happier.

 This leads me to invite you to check out Carbon Copy Pro for your self and see if you’re ready to take some action to create a life of your own design. Just click on the link and I hope to see you soon.  


 James Merritt


Does your life seem to be in a rut? Does it seem like you work hard and you just never get ahead? I have worked in various labor positions for about 20 years and have never really got ahead or thing. There was never enough overtime to fill up my bank account.

I just always seemed to work to pay bills, pay taxes, and try to have fun on the week ends if I wasn’t working. I realized that at that pace I would never retire at any age with any kind of security. This rut I was in never let me live my dreams or pursue my passions.

 This took me on a search looking for some answers. I mean don’t we have to take responsibility for our actions at some point. I found Carbon Copy Pro and the answers to my questions. There system offers me the chance to live life by my own design. I fired my boss and started to take action and getting plugged into a business that gives me the freedom to work where ever I choose at the hours of my choice. Now wife and I are planning to travel and to get involved with our community. I don’t make excuses any more I hold myself accountable for my actions.

 If you are someone willing to take on the challenge and to take responsibility for your own life then I would like to invite you to take a look at Carbon Copy Pro and see if it is what you might be looking for. If you are not interested that’s ok to. This is not for every one.

Just click on my link below and take a look.


 I hope to see you soon!

James Merritt