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The Hobbit Mentality

    Do you suffer from having a hobbit mentality by thinking, I’m not interested in adventures, and they will make you later for dinner. I can relate I once felt like this. I over thought every thing. There never seemed to be enough time to do the things that I knew where good for me. There was an excuse for everything i.e. there is never enough time in the day, I can’t do that, I don’t know how. I was a Bilbo Baggins all the way, lack of taking action would keep me from doing the things that I knew where getting in the way of my progress.

    I woke up one day, and started to take inventory of my life. Now I just keep looking forward and rarely look back except to see where I’ve been and where I am at now.

I started to notice a pattern and I didn’t really like whom I had become and where I was going in my life. Most of the problem was my inability to take action, Brought on but procrastination. The people around me in my life were always telling me that I had to work hard and save money so that I could retire comfortable some day. That always sounded like good advice but none of the people telling me this were in any better of a position then myself.

     I started to realize that by doing the things that I had always done was not working. I decided to start thinking out side the box. I put my hands on anything of knowledge and education that I could find and just started to apply any thing that I could perceive. A favorite quote of mind by Napoleon Hill- If you can percieve it, and believe it, you can achieve it. This statement makes a great deal of sense to me. It started me to look at my beliefs and my education. It made me hungry to do something that never came natural to me.

   Now I would like to invite you and challenge you to look at yourself and see if you have the hobbit mentality. Are you thinking out side of the box? Is your courier spinning in a rut? Would you like to get some traction and move forward? Let’s look at life from a new perspective and find the answers together. Take a look at this and I hope to be talking with you soon.


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