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Don’t let our bad habit destroy use.

Don’t you find life amazing. We are all gifted with every thing we need in this world. Every one on the planet has the ability to change if they with.

Take any belief we have and it can be changed just by deciding to do so. Humans are the only creatures on earth that have this ability.

Take a person who is angry all the time and convince him that he has a choice wether or not to change and it can be powerful.

I know I used to be an angry man. I would get angry at the things that the people around me would say. I thought that It was someone else’s fault for the problems that I had.

I discovered one day that I had the power to choose my mood no one put that mood there and blaming or finding fault in others did not make it better. In fact it actually made things worse.

My life seemed miserable and bleak. Then as I explained it wasn’t so bad. What I am saying is we have to look at the good in our lives and not focus on the bad. Bad things will happen but

control comes from how we deal with the good and the bad. Focusing on bad things gives them energy an they can take some control.

I am no expert on such matters this is just how I found things to be. I do know that our beliefs are what make up our reality.

Good habit or bad habits both bring results.

Just my point of view.

Best wishes,

James Merritt


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