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Live life by your own design!

This is my story and a look at why I do what I do.

I am a married man living in upstate New York. I worked in the home heating business for 15 years. I worked very hard at it. It actually took most of my days, nights, and weekends. I was married for 3 years and we had split up. I was working a lot and I didn’t like were my life was herding . So it made me look at what I was and wasn’t doing to be facing a possible divorcé. I would ignore my wife and justifying it with my job. The job was working me not me working my job. I needed a change i my life if I wanted to fix my marriage. I actually got out of heating and started working for a local museum and found that I loved the work and being around the people but they didn’t pa very much. I had cut my income by 3/4 and it hurt me and my wife when it came to the freedom and choices we had. I was a long time since we went out and did anything. So now I had the time but no money to do much. My wife and I were happy to spend time together but we were suffering in financial matters.

Napoleon Hill said doing to same thing over and over that does not work is insane. This taught me that I have the power to change my life. I found Carbon Copy Pro.  And they provided the solutions to my problems. The power was in me to change. I am the only one that I can blame for my situation. It doesn’t matter what level of education I have it was a less traditional education I needed. All I need to do is work on myself change my beliefs and change will happen.

I fired my boss and started to live life by my own design. I live my life by m own design now and I take action every day.

I want to ask you can you take charge of your life and make the changes that I can help you achieve. If you feel like you can please feel free to click on the site below.

I hope to see you on the other side.


Successfully ,

James Merritt


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