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The Company We Keep

Did you know that it has been proven that your income is based on the 10 closest people you associate with on a regular bases. The choices you make in your friends is directly related to how much money you will make. Everybody has a financial thermostat set at a certain level your circle of friends is directly related to the setting.

So how do we go about resetting the level of the thermostat? Well we need to make better choices in our friends and associates. There is a reason that the rich tend to hang out in private clubs or groups. They are protecting and nourishing there mindset. Like minded people tend to hang out with others that tend to think alike. Now this does not mean that they can’t show compassion toward people of lesser means. Most or them can relate they came from a similar back ground. They have managed however to start to think in a different way and to work more efficiently. Napoleon Hill said to do the things that do not work and bring result again and again, is insane.

The best way to help people who are struggling is not to be one of them. Then it helps to in bark on a personal mission. Something that will keep you honest and find the people that can keep you accountable to your mission. You must then take action to achieve any goal you set. Your thermostat can be reset and you can live the life that you have only dreamed of but only your can be held accountable.

If your are looking for an opportunity to sussed in you life and reset your financial thermostat then I invite you the check out the link that I have left below.

Thank you for your time and reading this. I hope that I see you soon.


All the best,

James Merritt


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