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Mail Man VS. Dog

It has was since some time in March when my dog broke the window in the living room trying to get the mail man, and here it is in July almost August that I finally take the time to fix it. It really wasn’t the cost of the window altho I wouldn’t want to pay for it every day. I just don’t want to keep fixing the window and my mailman has a habit now of sneaking up to the porch and drops off the mail. That is great, but as he leaves and the dog hasn’t even noticed him he decides to give out a shout “MAIL!!”. You can imagine what the dog does next. It makes me wonder who is going to win this game him or the dog.

I’ve been waiting to catch him and mention that I would appreciate it if he would not yell as he drops off the mail. I know that the dogs are my responsibility but they only try to keep me and my wife safe and I am not usually present when he does this. I think the old battle between the mail man and the dog is brought on by his behavior he can just drop the mail off and not scream and the dogs would know nothing of it (most days).

I only mention this because it just seems to me like some people in the world love to antagonize there situations just to get a rise out of it. I am not even sure that he see’s it that way. I wish that people would use some common sense and not be so vindictive when they know that a problem exist.

This is just my thoughts on a subject all started from a broken window. Not that the window matters much I just don’t want to see my dog take a bite out of the mail man some day when I am not around or not really noticing that he is dripping off the mail.


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