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Salesmanship The Essential Key To Business

Salesmanship is an ability that we all have and we only need to unlock it for inside us. We have the ability to communicate our thoughts and beliefs through the proper use of salesmanship.

Henry Ford used salesmanship to launch an idea that we all use every day in todays world. He started with an idea that the people of the time had not even thought of. The automobile and he sold it to the people as an a way to gain personal freedom and mobility. Until the car you either used a horse and buggy or you took a train.

He was a man with vision. He saw a need for something and presented it to people in a way that it filled that need. He had to sell his idea and I would say that he was successful in his work.

A lot of company’s use varies ways to figure out what their customers want and need. They take surveys and ask them how may we serve you better. This idea at first just wasn’t going to work for Ford He in his own words said “if I had ask the people what they wanted they would have asked for a faster horse”. When you are an innovator of new technology you must have the ability to sell an idea and let the people decide if it is something that they need.

You must start with a purpose. Does your idea or product fill the need of what your customer wants or needs. The customer may not ever know that they need what you have for them some you may nave to sale them on the idea.

When selling something that is still only an idea you must get them to feel they want it. You must believe in the idea yourself and feel like it is the answer to their problem.

It is important to ask questions about “have” like have you ever… and “want” wouldn’t you want… You must listen and repeat what you near so they know that you are paying attention and that you do care about what they are saying. This builds trust. Relate your idea or product around how they feel and what they want. Not how you feel and what you want. If you are trying to sell someone something and all you can think of is the money that you need it will come off as desperate and this will develop distrust and they probably will not buy your idea or product.

You let your customer close the deal when he sees it is a bargain to him and he believes that the product or idea will fill his need.

The trust can greatly be maintained by following up with the customer after the sale. Just make sure that they are happy and ask them if there is anything else you might be able to do for them. This can lead to lots of return and referral business.

If you would like to discover the salesman in you check out the link that I have provided.

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I hope to be talking with you soon,


Henry Ford


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