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Are you looking to start up an internet business and make lots of money?

Maybe you like to travel but don’t have the money or time?

Do you ever wonder how the wealth and rich really get that way?

Someone said that in order to succeed you first must change yourself.

What they meant was that you have to start to take action and look with in yourself to find the courage and strength to succeed. They say that only 97% of people ever find real wealth and I believe it. Just try and talk to the people around you and see if there really succeeding. I but they will tell you that the government, there boss, or maybe the economy is to blame for there lack of success. They never look at what there doing or thinking as the problem to there circumstance. I heard some where that if something is now working for you that it is insane to keep doing it. You need to take a close look at what you are doing and make corrections along the way.

I use to blame people like my parents for my lack of financial success. Then when I started to look at there life I realized that it took them years of trial and error to build them selves up to a level of comfort that they now have. They never knew how the world of money really worked. They just did thing the way they saw there parent doing them and then just made changes along the way where they saw fit.

The traditional school system never taught use anything about the economy and how money works. I now know that you need to look to educating your self about money and finance.

If this sticks and kind of curiosity in you? I would like to share a business adventure with you that is changing my life and giving me the freedom to live again. There is an untraditional education that I would like to share with you if you are interested. I promise that it can change your life to. Just click on the link below and take some time to look over the opportunity and make a dessissition that will bring results.


I will contact you with in a day if you decide to that action and I will help you to achieve the success you are looking for.

Hope to talk with you soon,

James Merritt


    Do you suffer from having a hobbit mentality by thinking, I’m not interested in adventures, and they will make you later for dinner. I can relate I once felt like this. I over thought every thing. There never seemed to be enough time to do the things that I knew where good for me. There was an excuse for everything i.e. there is never enough time in the day, I can’t do that, I don’t know how. I was a Bilbo Baggins all the way, lack of taking action would keep me from doing the things that I knew where getting in the way of my progress.

    I woke up one day, and started to take inventory of my life. Now I just keep looking forward and rarely look back except to see where I’ve been and where I am at now.

I started to notice a pattern and I didn’t really like whom I had become and where I was going in my life. Most of the problem was my inability to take action, Brought on but procrastination. The people around me in my life were always telling me that I had to work hard and save money so that I could retire comfortable some day. That always sounded like good advice but none of the people telling me this were in any better of a position then myself.

     I started to realize that by doing the things that I had always done was not working. I decided to start thinking out side the box. I put my hands on anything of knowledge and education that I could find and just started to apply any thing that I could perceive. A favorite quote of mind by Napoleon Hill- If you can percieve it, and believe it, you can achieve it. This statement makes a great deal of sense to me. It started me to look at my beliefs and my education. It made me hungry to do something that never came natural to me.

   Now I would like to invite you and challenge you to look at yourself and see if you have the hobbit mentality. Are you thinking out side of the box? Is your courier spinning in a rut? Would you like to get some traction and move forward? Let’s look at life from a new perspective and find the answers together. Take a look at this and I hope to be talking with you soon.



This is my story.

Maybe you can relate in your own way.

I live in a small town in upstate New York.

I’m just a regular Joe.

In my life there never seemed to be enough time to go fishing witch I enjoy. In fact I hadn’t gone in years.

You see I spent 15 years in the heating business and if you could imagine this is a full time job. In that profession you work 24/7.

No rest for the wicked! I used to say.

 Waking up at all hours of the night, traveling 30 minutes to an hour, then working on the heating system and traveling back home hoping to get a little sleep, which is if the calls didn’t start to back up on you, keeping you out all night.

Don’t get me wrong most of the time it was fulfilling to know that you had helped someone out in there time of need.

All that work time and effort and not very much to show for it.

As you can imagine my wife was always on me to make more money and to spend more time with her.

 Now it felt like I was never going to get any rest. I was torn between work and my relationship.

After a few years of this I quit my job and found another that didn’t require me to work 24/7. I took a huge pay cut, but so what I could spend some time with my wife and  maybe a little time to go fishing.

Now I had the time to go fishing, but no money for the bait.

So I started to do a little side work and found now I had the money but no time again.

Now this sounds familiar.

Soon I found myself searching for a new answer. Started thinking out side of the box as they say.

Then I found what I was looking for in online marketing.

 I now have the time to spend with my wife and our relationship is growing stronger everyday. I find the time to go fishing once and a while witch is great and I do enjoy it.

I have plans on traveling and seeing some of the world.

Sky’s the limit.

Are you to busy to enjoy life?

If you want to find out how you can find your personal freedom.

Let me show you how.

Just click on the link and I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,

Jim Merritt



I work with the best every day. I learn from the top internet marketers in the industry. Lets face it there is a lot of junk out there on the internet. Did you know that 97% of all Internet Marketers fail in their buisness in the first 5 years. It takes a lot of effort and personal focus to drive traffic to your web site. And I want to share the best system on in the market with you to learn how to run a succesful internet business. The possibilities are endless. It’s up to you.

Here is how to get started.

I hope to see you soon, at the top.

James Merritt


Have you ever wondered how the top lead generators in the industry do it.

You can learn how to generate leads almost effortlessly and constantly.

If you got a little time and would like to learn how the big boys do this them you are going to want to check this out.


This is no B.S. they really do this and you can to.

Good luck and happy hunting.


I have 15 years in the home heating business. I gave all that up to work in internet marketing and have found the freedom to work on my own terms. No more phone calls in the middle of the night that my furnace is not working hurry up, I need to go to sleep. I now travel when I like and go fishing if I want. And i can take my business with me when I go. I’m not saying that I did not like the heating business. However it is much nicer not having a boss that one minute says take your time and do a good job and a half hour later is calling you wondering if you are finished with the job yet! No now I can wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to work. No one is clocking my hours and I hold myself accountable for my time.

Does this sound good to you! Find out how I did it!


It’s all about trust and value of the product that you are offering. You have to let the customer decide if the value is there or not.

I would like to invite you to look into this.

No pressure. Just take a look at this and you decide.


Have you ever made a choice that you wish you hadn’t made and allowed that choice to impact your life on all levels. I am constantly evaluating my choices and weighing my decisions. There is a profound truth in the road less traveled is a long and winding path, but it is a path that’s worth the journey.


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